Laser Risk Management System

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Risks can threaten an entire organization, not just a business unit or process. With an increasing concern and focus on risk management, especially to effectively identify, assess, and manage risk, organizations need a transparent enterprise risk management (ERM) system in place.

Enterprise Risk Management System is a globally recognized, highly effective way to control business risks. Enterprises have been investing in risk systems for many years. This can be a system that is used to monitor the risks associated with an enterprise, or it can be the people within the organization who are responsible for managing the risks. The main benefit of using Enterprise Risk Management Software is that it helps organizations make better decisions.

The Laser Risk Management System (LERMS®) delivers central risk management solutions for identifying risks, evaluating their likelihood and impact, relating them to mitigating controls, and tracking their resolution. It establishes a culture of risk management across your organization and helps you achieve future goals by avoiding surprises along the way.

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