Laser Audit Reporting System

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Having an effective internal audit reporting software system allows businesses to identify their strengths and weaknesses. To leverage internal audit management solutions for future success, the key is to have the right tools to support the people and processes, reduce audit cycles and deliver value to stakeholders.

The Laser Audit Reporting System (LARS®) is a web-based solution that puts you in control of the complete audit lifecycle by establishing a systematic, disciplined and a uniform process for internal audit management. Get real-time completion status of ongoing audits at all locations. Centrally manage audit planning, audit programs, work papers and fieldwork and coordinate information among Auditors, Auditees and Management at all levels of organization.

An Audit Management System is a valuable resource for all levels of an organization’s decision-making process. It should be used to encourage an audit culture and to reinforce the importance of risk management by providing easy-to-use access to the findings of your risk assessments.

Our Internal Audit Management Software helps to manage quality assurance and audit programs, as well as to prevent fraud. It provides the tools necessary for auditors and leaders in charge of the company’s compliance with standards and it also provides a platform for quality assurance managers.

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