The Best Equity Research Analyst in India

Admin January 10, 2022

The Best Equity Research Analyst in India

There are many equity research analysts in India. But everyone wants to work with the best equity research analyst in India. The main Job of a research analyst is to research which stocks will perform the best. It is not an easy task. RIA has to keep a keen eye on the Indian market. Without underestimating the international market.

Who is the best Equity Research Analyst in India?

Nidhi Saxena from The Trade Bond is the Best Equity Research Analyst. She is qualified as well as Sebi Registered RIA. Nidhi is known to have a good hold on short-term and long-term stocks. Although she always suggests traders to have long-term holding’s in their demat. According to her investing in the stock market is multiple times better than Intraday trading. But it depends on the trader, whether he wants to work in intraday or holding.

Top equity Research Analyst in the year 2021 in India-

In the year-2021 nifty has shown a good performance. Therefore a large number of traders have shown their interest in Stock Market. Every trader has a dream of becoming a billionaire from the market. But most of them end up booking loos. They are hard-earned money because they do not have any idea of Research Work. Trading without proper research is gambling.

We need to be very specific while choosing the stocks. All those traders who have chosen the right stocks in the year 2021 have grown their capital multiple times. Nidhi Saxena was the top research analyst in the year 2021. Her research has helped us a lot in booking great profit from the market.

The Best Stock Research Analyst in India-

In India, there are many research and advisory firms available. But only a few can do good research. Nidhi Saxena (The Trade Bond ) is known for doing good technical & fundamental research.

The best stock research analyst also generates research reports Which are very important for those traders who invest in the long-term. Best stock market research is the only way of making good profits in the stock market.

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